Zeynep BAL Zeynep BAL

Zeynep BAL


I came to Japan as a MEXT research scholar by Japanese embassy recommendation in April 2016.
 For a year I researched at Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Organ 
Regulation Medicine Orthopaedic Surgery and between 2017-2021 I did my PhD in the same department. 
Since 2021 April I am continuing my research at Takakura Lab



I think most of the abnormalities occurring in living things are related with the vascular anomalies at macro level. Thus, I am researching on the vascular changes or abnormalities that may occur in bone and cartilage related diseases.




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  • Orthoregeneration Award (Best Regeneration Study) by ON/EORS (Orthoregeneration Network / European Orthopaedic Research Society), 26th European Orthopaedic Research Society Annual Meeting, Galway, Ireland. (25-28.09.2018)


I am in love with cells since I know myself. I remember when I was a child, answering  people as “A scientist!!” when they asked me what I would love to be when I grow up .While doing double PhD in my country, many times I though “signal transduction feels like real science!”. Thus, I can say my hobby is also “signal transduction and science”.



Please do not hesitate to get in contact. If you are not comfortable with Japanese, you can also get in touch in English, Turkish or German. However since I have not been using German for more than 6 years by now, I may answer you in English if I am in hurry.